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Asian woman having a job interview

Staff Augmentation Services

No one cares as we do. Our proprietary hiring methodology ensures that you only see candidates who fit your exact business needs, your environment, and your culture. It’s a team effort, which is why it works so well.


The Care

We don’t just comb referrals and databases for candidates. We save you real-time and effort by pre-screening every candidate with our proprietary CARE Methodology to ensure the right fit for your requirements and your organization.

eview: Our technical director interviews the candidate in person to ensure that he/she possesses the right combination of hard and soft skills, and discusses the specifics of the position and the client environment to check that the assignment aligns with the candidate’s career objectives.

ollect:  Our recruiter identifies a candidate and reviews and confirms his/her technical and/or management capabilities, business acumen, qualifications and soft skills, and whether he/she desires temporary or permanent placement.

ssess:  The recruiter reviews the actual position versus the candidate’s resume, paying special attention to number of people managed, management style, primary and secondary skills,
accomplishments, personality, professional degrees and other relevant

valuate: The client’s account executive meets with the candidate to confirm that he/she is a good fit given personality and other client-specific factors, and discusses interview expectations, the hiring process and compensation requirements.





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