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How Much Do Staffing Agencies Charge?

Working with a staffing agency like Care Dynamics to find traveling nursing assignments offers a world of benefits. You get the opportunity to explore the country while engaging in the work you are passionate about. But, it's natural to wonder about the financial implications of such arrangements.

Consider companies like Uber, which take a cut from their drivers’ earnings, often around 25%. They rationalize this by noting that without their platform, drivers wouldn’t secure the work they do.

Staffing agencies, including Care Dynamics, operate differently. Instead of taking a slice of the earnings, they utilize a bill rate to determine their compensation.

The Bill Rate Explained

This bill rate is a combination of the nurse’s hourly wage plus the agency's service fee, typically presented as an hourly charge. Care Dynamics, like most agencies, earns the bill rate only for the actual hours a nurse works.

Who Pays the Staffing Agency – Nurse or Hospital?

As a hardworking nurse, maximizing take-home pay is essential. The good news is that the bill rate is charged to the healthcare facility, not the nurse. With Care Dynamics, when you accept an assignment, the hourly rate quoted is what you'll get.

Travel nurses often receive more than just competitive hourly pay. They also benefit from health insurance, housing stipends, and paid sick leave, among other perks. In high-demand areas or hard-to-fill roles, signing bonuses are also a possibility.

Calculating the Staffing Agency's Bill Rate

To understand what hiring travel nurses will cost a healthcare facility, simply multiply the bill rate by the expected working hours. For instance, hiring a nurse at an $80 bill rate for a full-time, 13-week assignment with 36-hour weeks leads to a total of $37,440.

Components of the Bill Rate

Care Dynamics’ bill rate is designed to cover various costs, which include the nurse's pay rate, labor-related taxes like unemployment and worker’s compensation, health insurance, and other benefits. A portion also supports the agency's operational expenses, such as recruitment and staffing services.

Benefits for Hospitals Using a Staffing Agency

While the bill rate may initially seem high, it's important to recognize the comprehensive coverage it provides, which would otherwise be a direct cost to the facility. Working with Care Dynamics means rapid access to qualified candidates and the transfer of employment risk to the agency.

Advantages for Nurses Working with a Staffing Agency

Typically, nurses are not privy to the bill rate details. Learning about the agency charging double their pay rate might cause concern, but it's crucial to consider the full range of benefits provided by the agency's markup, including insurance, potential retirement plans, and various bonuses or incentives.

Choosing the Right Staffing Agency

Beyond financials, when selecting an agency like Care Dynamics, consider the relationship and opportunities they offer. Care Dynamics ensures a personalized approach by assigning a dedicated recruiter to each job seeker. This fosters a deeper understanding and alignment with each nurse’s skills and career aspirations.

Agency reach is another consideration. Care Dynamics provides opportunities throughout the country, accommodating those with a passion for travel and adventure in their nursing careers.

Ultimately, the right staffing agency advocates for fair and beneficial compensation, aligning the right nurse with the perfect opportunity. With Care Dynamics, you can be assured of a partnership that values your professional growth and financial well-being.

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